How to Unlock TiVo Desktop Plus

Updated March 23, 2017

TiVo Desktop is a TiVo software application that allows you to transfer your shows, music, web videos and photos from your TiVo DVR. TiVo Desktop Plus has additional features that TiVo Desktop does not have, such as transferring videos to mobile phones, portable MP3 players and other portable media devices. TiVo Desktop Plus also allows you to access other video formats such as Windows Media Video, DivX and MP4 as well as transfer videos downloaded from the Internet onto your TiVo DVR.

Download TiVo Desktop.

Click "Add to Cart" and purchase the license key to unlock TiVo Desktop Plus.

Run TiVo Desktop.

Click the "Help" menu and select "Upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus."

Type the license key to unlock the features of TiVo Desktop Plus.

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