How to Update Sharp Aquos Software

Updated July 20, 2017

High definition televisions include an option to update their firmware, or feature set, the same way you would update components on a computer. Sharp, the maker of the Aquos line of high definition televisions, provides this feature in all current HDTVs they sell. To update the television's firmware--which may also be called software as the two terms are interchangeable--you will need to get the necessary firmware update off of Sharp's website and onto your television.

Open your Web browser. Navigate to Sharp's website. Select "Customer Support" from the menu at the top of the page. Select "Product Downloads." Use the drop-down menus provided to input your Sharp Aquos make and model. Download the latest firmware update. Choose "Save" and choose a location on your hard drive to save it to.

Insert your USB drive into your computer and locate the firmware update you just downloaded. Double-click it to open the files. Select "Edit" and "Select All" from the pop-up menu. Right-click on any select file and choose "Copy." Open your USB drive and right-click on any open space. Choose "Paste."

Remove the USB drive from your computer.

Insert the USB drive into your computer's USB outlet. This outlet is generally found on the back of the television.

Press the "Menu" button on your television's remote control. Select "Options." Select "Software Update." Press "Enter" on your remote to start checking for the firmware update on the USB drive.

Use the arrow keys on your remote control to highlight "Yes" when the firmware update is found. Press "Enter" to begin updating. Upon completion, your television will turn off and turn itself back on. If the firmware was successful, you will see a box on your television telling you so. Press "Enter" on your remote. Remove your USB drive from the back of the television.


Do not unplug either the AC cord or the USB drive during the firmware upgrade, as this will cause the upgrade to fail and may cause damage to your television.

Things You'll Need

  • USB drive
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