How to Hide a Phone Number From Caller ID

Updated March 23, 2017

For privacy reasons, you may wish to hide your phone number from caller ID. Phones that are equipped with caller ID can display your name and phone number to the person you are calling. If you want to keep your caller information from being displayed, you can do so on a per-call basis. If you block your caller information on a per-call basis, you are not charged for doing so.

Pick up the phone's handset, then dial "*67."

Listen for a special dial tone followed by the regular dial tone. Normally, the special tone is two quick beeps.

Dial the phone number you are calling.

Enter "*67" on the mobile phone keypad.

Enter the 10-digit number you are calling.

Press the "Send" key to dial the number.


The "*67" code must be dialled each time you want to hide your phone number from caller ID.

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