How to Burn a 90-Minute CD in Nero

Written by joshua laud | 13/05/2017

When you don't have enough time on a blank CD-R to burn your compilation or home recordings, then you can burn a 90-minute audio CD in Nero. Nero Burning ROM is fully capable of burning 90-minute discs. While Nero should be able to burn any 90-minute audio CD, it recognises only some brands of 90-minute discs. If your brand is recognised as a typical 80-minute disc, then you simply need to overburn your disc for it to work.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Nero" and "Nero Burning ROM."

Insert your 90-minute blank CD-R. Click "Audio CD" from the compilation options. Choose your burn settings. Specify if you want to write CD-Text and if you want pauses between tracks. Click "New."

Locate the songs you want to burn in the browser on the right, and then drag them to your new compilation on the left.

Check the space available scale at the bottom. If the songs that go over 80 minutes are red, then Nero doesn't recognise the larger capacity disc. Click "Tools," "Options" and then "Expert Features." Click the check box to enable "Disc-at-once CD overburning." Click "OK" to save the settings.

Click "Recorder" and then "Burn." Then click "Burn" in the opened dialogue "Burn" window to burn your 90-minute CD-R.

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