How to sell replica purses

Updated April 17, 2017

Replica designer purses are an ideal purchase for a smart shopper looking for a trendy bag for a fraction of the real item's price. Selling replica handbags can be a fantastic part-time job for someone who is looking to make extra money. You can sell these replicas both online and locally, which will allow you to have a larger clientele base. Selling replica purses does take discipline and hard work in order to be successful, but after a few months of selling you will start seeing fantastic results.

Brainstorm what sort of purses you would like to sell. You might want to sell a specific brand's replica or maybe you will want to sell a variety of different replica brands. In addition to selling handbags you may also want to consider selling matching wallets to go with the handbags as another way to make extra money.

Buy replica purses from online wholesalers. There are many different websites that offer quality designer purse replicas and will allow you to buy bags in bulk at a discounted rate. See the resource section below to go to a site that sells handbags for you to purchase in bulk. Always aim to sell the purses for more than you paid for each of them in order to make a profit.

Make a website to start selling your purses on. and are two excellent websites that are designed for individuals who are new to website design. Both websites are easy to use and have everything you need to create a great purse replica domain. Also consider selling your purses on as a way to sell to people all around the world.

Make business cards to hand out to individuals who purchase your bag replicas. If you are shipping your bags to people who have purchased them through your website, place one of your business cards into the main compartment of the bag. This is a great way to gain faithful customers who will think of you next time they are interested in purchasing another replica purse.

Find local community events and flea markets that will allow you to sell your items. Looking in the classified section of your city or town's newspaper is the best way to learn about these happenings. Make flyers on your computer that briefly discuss your replica purse business, include your contact information and show some photos of the handbags you have available to sell.


Never pass a replica handbag off as the real designer handbag, as this is illegal.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Business cards
  • Replica purses
  • Webpage
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