How to Reset Kodak Printer Ink Level

Updated March 23, 2017

Kodak printers are multifunctional printers that allow you to print, copy and scan pictures and documents. For one reason or another, you may notice that your printer is not displaying the correct ink level of the cartridges and there is more ink in them than the printer is recognising. If this is the case, then you must reset the printer's ink level to reflect the correct amount of ink in each cartridge. This can be done from the control panel of the printer.

Restart the printer if it has been on, by pressing the "off" and then the "on" button. If the printer has been off, then turn it on by pressing the "on" button. These buttons are located on the printer's control panel.

Press the "home" button on the printer to populate the printer's menu. Select the button with the arrow pointing down on the control panel to scroll through the menu list, and select the "Maintenance" setting.

Choose "Check Ink Levels" from the maintenance list ,and press "OK." This will reset the printer ink levels, and the LCD screen will display the current ink levels of both the black and colour cartridges.

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