How to Program an LG Plasma Television

Televisions have come a long way since the days when they resembled large wooden boxes with coat hanger wire sticking out the top of them. Plasma TVs have a sleek, slim design, can be hung on a wall in a room of your choice, have superior colour reproduction to LCD screens and their picture quality does not degrade at high or acute angles. LG plasma TVs are easy to program and have a simple user interface.

Press "Menu" and select "SETUP" or "CHANNEL" to tune the LG plasma to an RF coaxial signal. If you're using a cable receiver unit or another external device, you'll need to connect this to an input on the back of the television, select the input port from your remote control and follow the user guide for your external unit.

Choose your method of tuning. You can either have the television find available channels automatically by selecting "Auto Tuning" or search yourself by selecting "Manual Tuning." The auto option will assign signals it finds to channels as it searches; the manual option allows you to choose which channels you want.

Select the "PICTURE" option from the menu to alter aspects of picture quality. Use the arrows on the remote control's navigation pad to alter colour, brightness, sharpness, picture mode and other variables to your personal preference.

Change sound options by selecting "AUDIO" from the main menu. Here you can alter the balance of the stereo spectrum and use an built-in graphic equaliser.

Set the TV's clock and a timer to turn the set on or off in the "TIME" section of the main menu. If the television's in your bedroom, you can use this option as an alarm clock.

Navigate to the "OPTION" section of the main menu where you can personalise your language and regional settings.

Stop children or anybody else from using the set by setting a password in the "LOCK" section of the main menu. The default password is 0000. You can also block chosen channels here by using the "Parental Guidance" setting.


Return your LG set to it's original factory settings in the "OPTIONS" section of the main menu. You can connect a number of external units to your LG plasma television and switch between inputs using the "INPUT" button on the remote control.

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