How to Program Sky on a Remote to a Samsung

Updated April 17, 2017

You can use a Sky satellite television remote control to operate almost any make of TV set.

Once you know the correct three- or four-digit codes to enter, programming the Sky TV remote control takes just a few seconds. This allows your Sky remote handset to control simple functions on your TV set, such as volume and channel selection.

To get the correct Sky TV remote control code for your Samsung television set, check specialist satellite TV websites.

Switch on your Samsung TV set.

Press the "TV" button on your Sky Television remote control handset.

Hold down the red button and the "Select" button together for two seconds, or until the red light on the Sky TV remote control flashes twice.

Enter the correct code for your Samsung TV on the number keypad of the Sky remote control. The red light on the remote control will again blink twice.

Press "Standby" on the Sky remote control and your TV set should now switch off.

Press "Select" and the remote control's red light will flash twice.


If the red light on the Sky TV remote control fails to flash twice, check that you have the right code for your Samsung TV set.

Things You'll Need

  • Sky TV remote control
  • Remote control three- or four-digit code
  • Samsung TV set
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