How to Find People by License Plate Number

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017
How to Find People by License Plate Number
Find people using their number plate numbers. (ky number plate image by timur1970 from

Many situations might require someone to track a person down using their number plate number. Debt collectors need to find debtors, and this is the method they prefer. A hit-and-run victim may manage to get hold of the culprit's vehicle’s number plate number and use it to hunt him down. Many online resources can help you with your search.

Search the plate number in a number plate number lookup website. If you run a search on the Internet, you will see a number of websites that offer ways to get this information. However, it is absolutely necessary that you find a reputable company since you will be paying a fee for the service. Make sure you look for user reviews when selecting the company.

Contact the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ask them to help you find information about the particular company through which you are going to locate the number plate owner. If the BBB doesn’t find much information about the company in question, it might be wise to choose another company.

Visit the website of the company that you choose. You will need to sign up for requesting a number plate search. Enter the information you have and pay the fee (it varies between £16 to £48 for different websites, as of 2010). You will then be able to view the search results.

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