How to Adjust Plastic Glasses

Updated February 21, 2017

When buying glasses, plastic frames come in a variety of styles and colours which make them a popular choice. According to Pearl Vision, the ease or difficulty of adjusting this type of frame varies depending on the type of plastic that is used. While your optician will do this for you when you initially pick up your glasses, there are instances when your glasses might require readjustment or, if ordering them online, you may need to do it yourself.

Determine how your glasses need to be adjusted. Look in a mirror and assess how the glasses are sitting on your face. Your glasses should be positioned so that you are looking straight through the centre of the lens. Take note if they fit loose, slide down your nose, feel tight or if they appear uneven on your face. This will determine how the frames need adjusting.

Turn on your faucet's hot water and run it until it is very hot to the touch. Run the temple of your glasses under the hot water for 20 seconds, so that it is warm. Alternatively, plug in a hair dryer and turn it to warm. Blow the air from the dryer onto the temples for approximately 20 seconds, moving the dryer along the length of the temple to evenly warm the plastic. Keep the frames warm as you make the adjustments.

Grasp one of the warmed temple tips. If the glasses were sitting too low on your nose, bend the tip of the temples to make the ends more straight up and down. If the glasses were sitting too high on your nose, adjust the bend of the tip so that it is less straight up and down. The bends to the temple may also be started further up the temple arm, as opposed to the tip, if preferred.

Tighten the fit of the glasses, if they are too loose or sliding down your nose, by gently bending the warmed temples inward. This will cause a snugger fit and the temple arms will have a better grip on your head. Loosen the fit of the glasses if they are too tight on your head by bending the warmed plastic slightly outward to loosen the grip.

Look at the placement of your ears. If your ears are slightly uneven, they might cause your glasses to appear crooked. Adjust your glasses by bending the temple arm on the higher ear so that it is slightly raised. Alternately, go to the arm on your lower ear and gently bend arm so that you are slightly lowering the frame.

Run the frame under cold water to set the plastic into the new shape, once you are satisfied with the adjustments.


Make as small adjustments as possible to prevent damaging the plastic of the frames. If your plastic frames have nosepads, raise or lower the frame by either widening the distance between the pads or bringing them closer together using needle-nose pliers.


Do not heat up the temples for longer than 20 seconds or use a hair dryer that is set on hot on the plastic frames. To do so may cause the frames to buckle or blemish and the finish to bubble and discolour. If your glasses need frequent adjusting or if you are not easily able to make adjustments take them to your optician to avoid weakening or breaking the plastic frames.

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