How to Make a Flower on the Ronco Flower Loom

Updated February 21, 2017

The Ronco Flower Loom was a popular craft kit that was sold in the 1960s to 1980s. The kit featured small handheld looms in square and circular shapes. The kits or single looms may be found on Internet auction sites, yard sales and in craft supply collections. Each loom has two sets of pegs. Crafters make flowers with 3-ply yarn, baby yarn, raffia, embroidery cotton and other fibres. The multi-petal, daisy-like blossoms are crocheted into functional items including tablecloths, pillows and afghans. Children and adults can make flowers with the Ronco loom.

Pull the end of the yarn from the skein or ball. Hold the end between the number 1 and 12 pegs on the circular Ronco loom. Hold the loom and yarn end in one hand.

Bring the yarn down on the left side of number 7 with the other hand. Go around the peg on the right side and bring the yarn up to the number 12 peg.

Wrap the yarn around the pegs in a figure eight pattern clockwise around the outer pegs on the circular loom. Repeat for a second row of loops or petals.

Secure the yarn in the slot at the side of the loom when all of the loops have been formed. Cut the yarn leaving an 20-inch tail.

Form smaller loops for the flower centre by wrapping the inner set of pegs with a second piece of yarn in a different colour. Complete the last loop and cut the yarn leaving a 8-inch tail.

Thread the 20-inch yarn tail through the large eye of the needle.

Insert the needle up from the bottom of the loom in the space next to peg number 11. Take the needle back down over the loop bottom in the space next to peg 12. Continue up through space at peg 1 and back down through space next to peg 12.

Secure the centre of the flower by continuing to stitch up through the next peg space and down through the last peg space around the centre. Make two to three stitches at the center back of the flower to secure the yarn. Remove the yarn from the needle. Tie the two tail ends together twice at the bottom of the flower to knot it.

Gently pull the flower from the pegs one section at a time.


Use leftover yarn for multicoloured petals and flower centres to make an afghan or pillow cover.


Be sure that the 2 yarn petal loops are firmly wrapped around each of the pegs to prevent an uneven flower. The centre must be stitched securely or the flower will fall apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Ronco circular loom
  • Yarn in 2 colours
  • Darning or large-eye needle
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