How to Wrap a Roman Toga

Updated February 21, 2017

A Roman toga is the traditionally male-only cloth wrap worn in ancient Rome. Togas are a single sheet of fabric, mostly plain white, but sometimes with coloured borders. They are wrapped around the body over a tunic or bare chest. Roman togas are still popular today as dress-up costumes and at toga-themed parties, where everybody attending must dress in a toga.

Put on the undergarments: for men, a pair of white boxers is sufficient; for women, a strapless top or bra should be added to shorts or underwear.

Hold the bed sheet behind you, and drape one end over your shoulder, so that it hangs down the front to the belly. Make sure the over-shoulder portion is bunched so it sits only on the shoulder and doesn't fall down the arm.

Bring the other end of the bed sheet around your body, so that it wraps the back and comes to the front: for ladies, this should be high enough to cover the breast; for men, it can leave the chest exposed if desired. Pin at the front onto the original over-shoulder portion of cloth.

Wrap the bed sheet once more around the back and bring it to the front, this time bunching and draping the remaining sheet over the shoulder, on top of the original over-shoulder portion.

Pin the second over-shoulder portion to the original portion, securing it in place. Attach the brooch on top of the shoulder if desired. Let the remaining portion of bed sheet hang loosely down the back, and over the arm if desired.


You can leave the second over-shoulder portion unpinned and drape it over the shoulder and arm---this is a more authentic style of toga, but also more troublesome if wearing the toga at a party---you will find yourself constantly re-draping that portion of the sheet. Add leather sandals and a laurel wreath to complete the Roman look.

Things You'll Need

  • White undergarments
  • White double bed sheet
  • Safety pins
  • Brooch (optional)
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