How to Gradually Go Grey for Women With Long Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Many women choose to cover their grey and white hair with dye because they are afraid that they will look old or unattractive if they don't. But many celebrities are choosing to embrace their natural hair colours, and grey hair is become more popular and accepted. Allowing your hair to go grey should be done gradually, and is more challenging for women with long hair. It can be done, but it requires the right set of highlights and regular upkeep.

Determine how much of your hair is grey or white. Check your roots. The style experts at MSNBC Today--Fashion and Beauty recommend waiting until 60% or more of your hair has turned grey before letting it grow in for a more natural and balanced look.

Apply highlights and lowlights to blend in the grey growth. This is especially important for women with long hair, who may have a foot or more of dyed hair below their grey roots. A skilled stylist can use a range of shades to blend the grey so it looks more natural.

Choose a new hairstyle. Even if you don't want to sacrifice your hair's length, the experts at Hair Boutique say something as simple as adding layers and having it trimmed regularly can ease the transition from dyed hair to grey.

Consider having the grey tinted to a light blond colour during the growing out process. This process can take years for women with long hair, and the transition from light blond to grey is much less noticeable than the transition from auburn or brown.

Use shampoos designed for grey hair. According to the experts at ThirdAge, grey hair is drier and requires more moisture, as well as a blue or violet tinted shampoo to resist yellowing. Long hair shows dryness and yellowing more prominently than shorter hairstyles.

Pull back your long hair in a ponytail or bun. This can hide the dyed portion of your hair while allowing the grey to show, hiding the fact that you're in the growing-out process.

Change your daily make-up application. The make-up that was flattering while you dyed your hair regularly may not mix well with grey hair, according to the experts at MSNBC Today--Fashion and Beauty. Gray hair lacks the warmth of other colours, but this can be countered with blush, tinted foundation, and more colourful eyeshadow or lipstick.


The greying process is easily reversed if you decide it isn't flattering. Working with a knowledgeable hair stylist can make the process easier, include the dyeing process if you decide against grey hair.


Do not attempt to strip out dye from grey hair without the help of a professional. Colour stripping chemicals can leave your hair strange colours or badly damaged.

Things You'll Need

  • Shampoo designed for grey hair
  • Conditioner
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