How to Troubleshoot a Panasonic DMR-E55

Updated February 21, 2017

The Panasonic DMR-E55 is a Progressive Scan DVD Recorder that records video onto blank DVDs. Panasonic is a world leader in manufacturing consumer electronic goods; however, as with most DVD players and recorders, problems can occur. Whether it is a problem with the sleep timer function, or a too-dark display, most are easily remedied through the menu system. Before taking your recorder in for service, there are basic troubleshooting steps you can perform yourself for a variety of issues.

Insert the power supply cord into an active A/C outlet, if there is no power to the unit. As a power-saving measure, change the "Off Timer" feature in the SET UP menu if the unit has switched to standby mode. Use the menu system to navigate to SET UP. Under "Off Timer," select "OFF" to turn off the timer feature.

Change "Front Display" in the SET UP menu if the display is too dim. In the "Display" section, select "Front Display," then "Bright," to lighten the display screen. The display will turn dark during play, but momentarily lighten when a button is pressed.

Set "MPEG-DNR" in the Video menu to "OFF," if there is a lot of afterimage when playing video.

Press AUDIO on the remote control if there is low volume, distorted volume or no volume. Check that all the audio cables and connections are secure.

Allow the unit to sit awhile if the message "U14" appears on the display and the recorder is on, but not operational. The "U14" message means the unit is hot and needs to cool down.

Insert the disc correctly with the label side facing up, if the unit fails to start --- even when PLAY is pressed.


Unplug the recorder during electrical storms or when not in use for long periods. Clean the recorder with a dry, soft cloth. Condensation can sometimes form inside the unit when moved from a cold to a warm location. Leave the recorder on and allow it to sit until the moisture has dried.


Do not cover the unit's ventilation openings with newspapers or cloth, as this could cause overheating. Do not install the unit near any heat sources such as furnaces or stoves or even items like amplifiers. Remove any disc from the tray when moving the unit. Failure to do so could damage the recorder.

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