How to Convert a Gameboy ROM

Updated March 23, 2017

A read-only memory file or ROM is a duplicate copy of a video game that is converted from the original CD or cartridge to use as a backup game on your computer. Converting Gameboy ROMs is a straightforward process especially if you have the correct software and hardware. When you get familiar with converting a Gameboy ROM, you can convert your entire Gameboy cartridge collection to your PC.

Connect your "Flash Advance Linker" or similar device to an available USB port on your desktop or laptop computer.

Insert any Gameboy cartridge into your linker device.

Download a Gameboy ROM converter " see Resources." Install the Gameboy ROM converter and remind yourself where the converter software is saved. An .exe extension should be at the end e.g. GameboyConverter.exe.

Launch the Gameboy ROM conversion software. Select "Convert" from "File" and select a location to save your Gameboy ROM file.

Click "OK" and wait for the conversion to finish. When the conversion is complete, your Gameboy ROM will be saved as a ".gba" extension such as SuperMario.gba. Play the converted Gameboy ROM on any Gameboy emulator installed on your desktop or laptop computer (see Resources).


Test your converted Gameboy ROMs with an emulator provided in the "Resources" section.


Do not share your Gameboy ROMs with anyone you know; this is illegal. Do not download Gameboy ROMs from ROM websites unless you own the original copy of the cartridge.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo Gameboy
  • Flash Advance Linker or similar connecting devices (See Resources)
  • Gameboy conversion software (See Resources)
  • Desktop or laptop with available USB port
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