How to Show Multiple Locations on Google Maps

Updated March 23, 2017

If you use Google Maps to get directions and want to show multiple locations on a map, it is easy to do. This is useful if you want to view the distance from your starting point to other locations. It also saves time if you are planning a road trip and need to get directions for multiple locations, so you don't have to create a map for each location.

Go to Google Maps and click the "Get Directions" link at the top left of the page. The directions form will open.

Select which type of directions you want. For example, you can select driving or walking directions.

Enter your starting destination in the box next to "A". You can enter an address, landmark, zip code or state.

Enter the location you want directions to in the box next to "B".

Click the "Add Destination" link under box "B" to add a location to your directions. If you want to show more locations on the map, continue clicking "Add Destination" until you have enough boxes for all the locations you are interested in.

Fill in the remaining "Destination" boxes with addresses or landmarks you want to show on the map. After you have finished entering all locations, click the "Get Directions" button.

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