How to Troubleshoot the Sound on a Logitech S220

Updated February 21, 2017

Logitech S220 speakers are used to improve the sound on computers. The S220 has a separate powered subwoofer with its own volume control. The speaker kit also has a remote desktop interface you can use to control the speaker volume. The interface also allows for the plugging in of headphones and a microphone. Troubleshooting Logitech S220 speakers includes verifying cable connections, checking volume and checking soundcard functions.

Turn the computer off and verify that the green speaker plug is plugged into the speaker jack on the back of the soundcard in the computer tower. If you're using a laptop, use the headphone jack on the laptop. Plug the Logitech S220's pink microphone cable into the microphone jack---it's often the pink jack with the microphone icon that in fact looks a bit like a pineapple.

Check the power supply. These speakers are powered and need to be plugged in. The power plugs into the subwoofer and then the satellite speakers plug into that. Look for the subwoofer volume on the back of the subwoofer and increase it to 75 per cent. Turn the computer back on.

Take a look at the satellite control, there's a volume control on it. Turn the volume up a little and play some audio on the computer. You should now hear audio.

Remove the green audio plug from the computer's soundcard and plug a pair of headphones into the green jack on the computer if you don't hear audio. If you hear audio through the headphones, you have eliminated the computer as being the problem and must have the Logitech S220 repaired. If you don't hear audio, the computer is the problem. Check whether the computer soundcard is functioning by increasing the volume on the computer desktop's taskbar. Double-click the icon and make sure "mute" is unchecked.

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