DIY: Digital TV Aerial Booster

Updated March 23, 2017

Digital TV aerial boosters are more expensive than analogue aerial boosters but the improvement in picture quality makes the added cost worth it. Fit a digital TV aerial booster as near your aerial as possible as digital signals deteriorate as they pass through your cable. You can easily DIY a digital TV aerial booster.

Choose a place as close to your aerial as possible to fit your booster. You need to have an electricity supply nearby.

Cut the aerial cable cleanly with a sharp knife. You have two sections that need coax plugs fitted.

Remove ½-inch of the outer plastic cover from one end of the TV aerial cable using wire strippers or a sharp knife. Once you have removed the cover from the aerial cable you will see wire mesh.

Push the wire mesh up the cable and form it neatly round the top of the plastic cover to reveal the plastic insulated central core. Remove ¼-inch of the insulation with wire strippers or a knife to expose the central wire core.

Remove the cap from your coax plug. Ensure you have three parts: cap, metal clamp and main plug. Slide the cap over the aerial cable with the threaded end facing where the main coax plug will be. Move it a few inches up the cable so it doesn't fall off.

Open the metal clamp slightly with your fingers and slide it, open end first, up the cable until it reaches the wire mesh. Ensure it covers the wire mesh completely then squeeze the clamp together with your fingers so it tightens over the mesh. Small electrical pliers can be used to tighten the clamp.

Feed the central wire core of your aerial cable into the main plug. There is a hollow pin that the core goes into. Push down until the metal clamp sits on the outer flange of the plug. Slide the cap down the cable then screw it firmly on the main plug. Check that the cable is securely fastened.

Repeat Steps 3 through 7 to connect your coax plug to the other aerial cable.

Insert the coax plug attached to the aerial cable into the correct socket of the aerial booster. Each socket of the booster will be clearly marked. Insert the coax plug that goes to your TV into the other socket.

Plug your aerial booster in the nearby electricity supply and turn it on. Turn on your TV to ensure that your digital TV picture has improved with your aerial booster.

Things You'll Need

  • Coax plugs
  • Digital TV aerial booster
  • Wire strippers or,
  • Sharp knife
  • Pliers
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