How to Update the BIOS on an Eee PC 901

Updated February 21, 2017

Asus' Eee PC 901 has specifications common to modern computers, including a 1.3 megapixel camera, high-definition audio and an Intel Atom processor. However, before these hardware devices are available for use, the BIOS has to check and initiate them. When users connect other external devices, such as an external hard drive or printer, those devices also go through BIOS checks. If the BIOS does not recognise a device, it will be unusable on the PC. You can update the BIOS on the Eee PC 901 to fix hardware issues or conflicts.

Open an Internet browser window and navigate to the Asus' support home page.

Click on the "Download" link.

Click the down arrows in the "General Download" section to make selections. Choose "Eee Family" in the Select Product area. Choose "Eee PC" in the Select Series area. Choose "Eee PC 901/XP" or "Eee PC 901/Linux in the Select Models area. Click the "Search" button, which opens a pop-up box.

Click the down arrow next to the Select OS area. Click the "Search" button to close the box.

Click the "+" plus sign next to the "BIOS" update section to expand it. Determine which update is best for your Eee PC 901.

Click the "Global (DLM)" link for the BIOS update of interest, which opens a security image section.

Type the letters and numbers shown in the image into the blank text box. Click the "Submit" button. Follow the instructions to download and install the update to the BIOS until you see a message that the update is complete.

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