How to Type Hugs on Chat

Written by chris miksen | 13/05/2017

A hug emoticon represents a friendly or romantic gesture. Regardless of your intentions, it's not going to represent anything if the person doesn't know what you're typing. Create a hug emoticon that's simple and easy to understand. As long as you know the person's name and your keyboard's parentheses buttons work, you'll be firing off your hug emoticons in no time.

Type "((" without quotation marks.

Enter the person's name next to the two parentheses. Do not place a space between the parentheses and the person's name.

Close the hug by typing "))" after the person's name. Do not place a space between the person's name and parentheses. The end result appears as "((nameofperson))" without quotations. Type more parentheses on both sides for an additional effect, similar to adding multiple exclamations after a sentence.

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