How to Make a Toshiba DVD Region-Free

Updated February 21, 2017

A region-free Toshiba DVD player allows you to catch your favourite TV and movie titles in other countries. Whether you want to play a foreign title that isn't available in your country or a movie that's being released sooner elsewhere, getting your DVD player to play region-free films makes it a more useful device. Your Toshiba laptop has region code capability, but if you've used your set number of changes, you'll need a DVD region code or a separate DVD-ROM.

Press the eject button on your Toshiba DVD-ROM and insert the foreign disc. A window will pop up informing you that your DVD is a different region and ask you if you would like to convert to this region.

Click "Yes" when you are prompted to change the region. You will only have a certain number of opportunities to change your region. On the last try, your DVD-ROM will only play DVDs from the designated region.

Find out the Toshiba model number and use this to research a code that will break the region code assigned to your laptop. Each laptop make and model possesses a unique code to break the region code, so make sure you are using the correct one and follow it exactly as it is written.

Purchase a region-free DVD-ROM to connect to your Toshiba laptop or download firmware that will allow you to watch DVDs from another region.

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