How do I Fix a Hotpoint Washing Machine?

Updated February 21, 2017

Hotpoint has been manufacturing domestic washing machines since the early 20th century. Generations of families have used the company's laundry equipment to keep clothes, bedding and towels in pristine condition. As of 2010, the brand remains popular and Hotpoint washers continue to be installed in homes across the country. There are a number of troubleshooting measures you can use to resolve simple problems should they occur, no matter which model of Hotpoint washing machine you own.

Ensure the washing machine's plug is fully inserted in the socket. If it is loose, it may not be making contact with the electricity supply.

Check your fuse board to ensure the fuse that applies to your washing machine has not blown. In the case of a breaker box, ensure the relevant switch has not been tripped.

Switch on lights and other appliances to ensure your neighbourhood is not suffering a power failure.

Ensure the appliance lid -- or door in the case of a front loader -- is properly closed.

Check you have not forgotten to press the "On/Off" button.

Ensure the "Start/Pause" function has been activated. If this button has not been pushed into the "On" position, the wash cycle will not begin.

Look at the water faucet to which the washing machine's infill pipe is attached. Make sure the faucet has been opened.

Check that a delayed start has not inadvertently been selected.

Ensure the water inlet pipe has been connected to the relevant faucet.

Check the faucet has been fully opened.

Take a careful look at the inlet hose to ensure it is perfectly straight. Bends and kinks will prevent water flowing freely to the machine.

Open other kitchen and bathroom faucets to ensure your neighbourhood is not suffering a cut in its water supply.

Check the water pressure in your home is not too low. It may be necessary to increase it to make your washing machine function properly. The pressure can be easily checked by purchasing a water pressure gauge from a DIY store. The pressure should be between 3.18kg. per square inch, or psi, and 145 psi. If it is lower than this, a speed pump can be installed. This task must be performed by a plumber.

Turn the washing machine off.

Read the instructions on your detergent packet carefully to ensure it is suitable for use in washing machines.

Check carefully that you have used only the recommended amount of detergent.


Keep your Hotpoint 1400 washer clean by wiping it with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water Clean the detergent drawer regularly., Leave the door ajar as this will prevent unpleasant odours forming in the drum.


Never touch water draining from your washing machine as it may be very hot. Never force the porthole door as this could damage the safety lock mechanism. Keep young children away from the machine when it is operating.

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