Instructions for Panasonic Answering Machines

Updated April 17, 2017

Answering machines are one of the many electronic devices that Panasonic manufactures and distributes. Answering machines intercept phone calls after a predetermined amount of rings, and record messages from callers to be relayed at a more convenient time. The machines can also be used to "screen" calls, meaning that the machine will play a message as it is being taken, and can then be interrupted to answer the call, after the owner recognises the caller. You must set up a Panasonic answering machine before using it.

Record a greeting on the Panasonic answering machine by pressing the "Record" button. Listen for a beep that signifies the beginning of the recording and speak directly into the machine in a clear voice. Keep your mouth no farther than 2 feet away from the answering machine.

Include information in your voice greeting intended to be heard by any caller, such as your name and when you expect to return the call. Press "Record" after you have finished your greeting. The greeting will automatically replay. Listen to the recording and ensure it is appropriate. Re-record the message by repeating steps 1 and 2, if necessary.

Press the "Mail" button to retrieve voice messages when the indicator button is illuminated (this signifies a waiting message). Press the "Delete" button to delete a message, otherwise it will be automatically saved.


Clear out messages regularly because the machine can become full and no longer accept recordings.


Be careful not to include too much personal information when recording the personal message for the machine for safety reasons.

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