How to Overclock an Eee PC 901

Updated July 20, 2017

Overclocking a device within a computer often means enabling performance higher and better than what the manufacturer advertises. However, forcing your computer to act more efficiently than it was designed for can make it more prone to risks while running the machine. For example, an overclocked CPU can overheat the entire machine and cause permanent damage. For those willing to take these risks with an affordable PC like the Eee PC 901, however, overclocking can be a highly rewarding modification to your system.

Navigate to the Eeectl link (see Resources) and click "Download the latest binary."

Extract the files from the ZIP that you have just downloaded.

Double-click on the icon for "eeectl.ini," which is included in this extraction.

Modify the Settings subheading to alter the specific actions of the Eeectl program. To do this, locate the portion of this text file below the text "[Settings]" and replace the content with the following information, from

Core.Save = Fan;

Core.Menu = Speed,embed; Fan,popup; Backlight,popup; Core;

Core.Keys = aw+esc,Core._quit; aw+down,Speed._down; aw+up,Speed._up; aw+f3,Backlight._down; aw+f4,Backlight._up; aw+0,Fan._auto; aw+3,Fan.30; aw+5,Fan.50; aw+7,Fan.70;

Core.Icon = Temp.C,FFFFFF; Fan.;

Core.IconDelay = 4000

Speed.Profiles = 30,166,0,1000MHz - Low; 39,166,0,1300MHz - Medium; 48,166,1,1600MHz - Maximum; 51,176,1,1700MHz - Turbo Low; 54,176,1,1800MHz - Turbo High;

Speed.StepDelay = 500

Speed.FSBIconMul = 1

Fan.Profiles = 0,30,53; 25,58,54; 30,62,59; 35,64,62; 40,70,64; 50,75,65; 60; 70; 80; 90; 100,90,75;

Backlight.Profiles = Lowest,13; Low,25; Medium,35; Bright,70; Ultra bright,100;




Double-click on "eeectl.exe" to run the overclocking software.

Change the speed of the processor by selecting a higher megahertz number than what was previously attainable under the "Processor speed" option.


Make sure that your computer is well ventilated. If you notice an increase in temperature after overclocking, you should lower its speed using Eeectl in order to decrease the risk of damaging other internal components in your machine. Verify that the text to be placed in the INI file in Step 4 has been copied and formatted exactly as written.

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