How to Connect a Mixer to a PC

Updated February 21, 2017

A PC or laptop can become part of a DJ sound system by connecting the audio output to a mixer with a standard stereo cable or USB cable with some mixer models. The computer's line-out stereo jack needs an adaptor to divide the audio signals to a stereo cable with a pair of RCA-type phono plugs that hook up to one of the stereo inputs on the mixing board. When connected, the PC or laptop can then be used like any other stereo component to send audio signals to the mixer. Reverse the connection to record on the computer.

Connect a USB mixer to the computer by plugging in a USB cable from the port on the mixer to any available port on the PC or laptop. The USB cable provides two-way communication between the devices.

Push the small plug on the Y-adaptor into the line-out jack on the back of a PC tower (use the headphone jack on a laptop) for an output connection to send audio to the mixer. This set-up is for mixers that do not have USB connectivity.

Plug the two RCA-type connectors on one end of the stereo cable into the jacks on the Y-adaptor. Then connect the two plugs on the opposite end of the cable to a pair of stereo inputs on the mixing console.

Plug the Y-adaptor into the REC or Line IN jack on the PC or laptop.

Connect the two plugs on one end of the stereo cable to the Y-adaptor jacks.

Plug in the other ends of the stereo cable to the Main Out jacks on the mixer, typically on the top of the control panel or along the back edge. This sends the mixed audio signal to the PC for recording.


Unplug the mixer from the electrical socket while hooking up the computer to prevent a short circuit or power surge.

Things You'll Need

  • Stereo cable
  • Audio Y-adaptor
  • USB cable (for mixers with USB port)
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