How to Plan a Joint 50th Birthday Party

Updated March 18, 2017

What's better than celebrating one 50th birthday? Celebrating two 50th birthdays! A joint birthday party commemorating a combined century of life can be a fun and joyous occasion. When starting the planning process, remember that a few small details will require consideration to ensure the guests of honour each receive appropriate attention and are pleased with final outcome.

Finalise the guest list. A joint birthday party assumes the honorees know each other and have shared friends and acquaintances. Create the guest list while keeping these mutual connections in mind. When inviting guests outside the common relationships, keep the numbers similar for each. Having a lopsided number of attendees that don't know both people in the birthday duo will make the effort seem disjointed. The smaller group may even feel like they've crashed the larger crew's event. Once you've created the final cut, send out invitations as soon as you can, either snail mailing an invite or e-mailing an invite created online.

Choose the venue. Find a locale that will not only house all your guests comfortably but will also honour the unique tastes, styles and personalities of the birthday dyad. If your VIPs are too diverse in character, consider renting a simple hall. This will allow you to decorate the room any way you would like: bring in catered food tailored to specific appetites, and rent any entertainment desired to truly customised the party for your two 50-year-olds.

Find the perfect cake(s). Even though the party itself represents a combined celebratory effort, cake choice can truly pay homage to each individual. Sure, etiquette condones purchasing one customised cake with a picture of the esteemed tandem on it. However, selecting two individual delicacies with specific fillings, colours and themes will help each 50-year-old feel like their shared special day is also all about them on some level.

Provide guests with all of the details. The invitations should provide your guests with all of the pertinent information to ensure your party's success. Let everyone know arrival times, planned festivities and if the event is a surprise. Also, let people know if the guests of honour have specifically requested no presents on their big day. Should gifts be welcomed, be sure to set up two separate areas for each 50th honoree. Invitees who don't know both VIPs aren't required to tote two gifts and will welcome knowing exactly where to place their token upon arrival.

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