How to find the value of coins for free

Updated November 21, 2016

Many coins have value due to their history, material, rarity or significance. However, finding information about a coin or its value can be difficult if an individual does not already know detailed information about that specific coin. While there are many references available for purchase online, at collector shows, antique stores or book stores, there are also ways to find out the value of a coin for free.

Take the coin to an authorised coin dealer and ask him to evaluate the coin and offer his opinion as to the value. Coin dealers, sometimes referred to as professional numismatists, are experts on coin values and may offer a free appraisal. Find coin dealers who are members of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) to verify that you are dealing with a qualified individual. (See Resources)

Look at websites such as or to see how similar coins are selling and to help determine current market value. Watching auctions and looking at set prices will help you establish the coin's value.

Visit coin collecting websites, as many offer coin value information for free. Read articles about coins and search for your particular coin to find information about the current value.

Go to your local library and find coin value reference books and publications that you can borrow. Examples of reference books include "2010 U.S. Coin Digest: The Complete Guide to Current Market Values" by David C. Harper and Harry S. Miller and "The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards of United States Coins" by Kenneth Bressett and Q. David Bowers.

Ask other coin collecting enthusiasts if they have any books on coin values and ask if you can borrow them or make copies of the relevant pages.

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