How to Turn Off Voicemail for Your LG 225

Updated July 19, 2017

The LG 225 is a small flip phone available on several major cell phone service providers that provides basic cell phone functionality--making calls, text messaging and listening to music--with a few extras. Voicemail service is one of the LG 225's features, but it isn't always one people want to use. You can disable the voicemail retrieval on the LG 225 if you'd rather your phone didn't pester you every time you miss a call.

Open the phone's menu by pressing the left function key above the keypad.

Select "Messaging," then "Settings," then "Download Message."

Turn off the "Receive" option to prevent your phone from receiving voicemail in the future.

Contact your service provider and have them remove voicemail service from your cell phone plan. Otherwise, your voicemail account on their network will continue to function, allowing people to continue leaving messages.

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