How to Bypass Websense & Watch Videos

Written by michael jones | 13/05/2017
How to Bypass Websense & Watch Videos
By using a proxy server, you can easily view any restricted websites. (Restricted area image by Vaidas Bucys from

Websense is used by companies to block their employees from going onto certain websites. If your computer is connected to an Internet server that is running Websense, you may not be able to access the websites that you want to. Bypassing Websense to watch video is pretty easy, however. You can do so for free without having to download any special programs or software. You'll just have to use a proxy server to access the websites.

Go to a proxy server online. A really good service to use can be found at They also list over 5,000 proxy servers that are available for use. A proxy server will send the proxy address to Websense instead of the address of the restricted website. This will allow you to securely and secretly visit the restricted site.

Go to the website that has the video you would like to view. Once you're on the page with the video, copy the URL.

Go to your proxy website and paste the URL into the box on the home page. Notice that your proxy server uses "https" instead of "http." Once the url is pasted into the search box, click on the "Connect" button.

Watch your video. Every time you need to visit a restricted site, you will have to go back to your proxy server and type the URL into the box.


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