Kenwood Car Stereo Wiring Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

Although it is true that each model of car stereo that Kenwood has produced is unique in terms of wiring, it is possible to generalise how the stereos are wired. Unlike many other aftermarket stereos, there are at least some similarities in the way that most Kenwood car stereos are wired. With the right set of instructions, wiring your Kenwood stereo yourself can be both quick and inexpensive.

Remove the existing stereo in your car from its housing in the dashboard with stereo removal tools. Depending on the type of stereo that you are removing, this process can vary, but typically, removal tools are inserted at either side of the stereo to pull the unit out of the dashboard without damaging the dash. Removal tools can be purchased at any automotive parts store.

Cut off the old stereo's wiring harness, leaving as much wire still attached to the car as possible. Once you have removed the wiring harness, refer to a vehicle-specific wiring diagram to identify the function of each of these wires. Although each car is unique in terms of wiring, typically, constant power wires are red, auxiliary power wires are yellow, ground wires are black, and speaker wires are striped and multicoloured.

Identify the function of each wire on your Kenwood stereo's wiring harness by referring to its wiring diagram. Once you have identified each wire's function, connect each wire of your Kenwood stereo to the corresponding wire in the car. Connect the constant power wire of the Kenwood stereo to the power wire of the car, the ground wire of the Kenwood stereo to the ground wire of the car, the auxiliary power wire of the Kenwood stereo to the auxiliary power wire of the car and the speaker wires of the Kenwood stereo to the speaker wires of the car.

Plug the wiring harness installed in Step 3 into the new Kenwood stereo, and turn on both the car and the stereo. If you have properly connected the wiring harness, then the stereo should produce sound. If it doesn't, then you have most likely wired one of the power or ground wires incorrectly. If it turns on but doesn't produce sound, then you have probably wired one or more of the speaker wires incorrectly.

Things You'll Need

  • Stereo removal tools
  • Wire cutters
  • Kenwood stereo wiring harness
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