How to Replace the Mirror Glass in a Honda CRV

Occasionally, the mirror glass in the side or rear view mirrors on a Honda CR-V will crack or break. To keep the car functional it is necessary to replace this mirror glass as quickly as possible. This is a simple auto repair project that you can do at home with little to no tools at your disposal. The main materials required are pliers, glue and the replacement glass.

Purchase replacement mirror glass from a Honda dealer or auto parts store. Make sure to purchase the glass for the correct mirror, as well as choosing mirror glass for the correct vehicle year. Not all CR-V mirror housings are shaped the same way.

Move the car to a sunny location. This will help loosen up the mirror glue and make it easier to remove the broken glass.

Apply heat to the surface of the mirror with the heat gun to further loosen the glue holding the mirror into place. Put on the work gloves. You do not want to touch the hot glass, and the broken mirror pieces can cut your hands. If you can avoid digging glass shards out of your hand you should.

Pry the broken glass out of the frame with pliers, flathead screwdriver or any other tool that helps you remove the glass. Throw the broken glass away immediately, either into a dustbin or some other disposable container.

Heat the surface of the mirror frame with the heat gun once more to soften any remaining glue. Remove the glue from the surface with the flathead screwdriver. You can also remove the glue with a glue removal solvent, as long as it is safe for use on plastic surfaces.

Apply a new bead of glue to the mirror frame. Spread the glue to cover then entire frame with a paint scraper or some other spreading tool. Press the mirror over the glue.

Test the glue to see if it holds the mirror in place right away. More likely that not, you will have to create a brace for the mirror to hold it in place while it dries. Make a brace from electrical tape. Tape the mirror glass to the frame, then wrap the entire mirror housing in tape. Leave the tape in place for 24 hours to allow the glue time to fully cure.

Things You'll Need

  • Honda CR-V replacement mirror glass
  • Work gloves
  • Heat gun
  • Pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Container for broken glass
  • Glue removal solvent
  • Waterproof glue
  • Paint scraper
  • Electrical tape
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