How to Reset a Latching Relay

Written by richard asmus | 13/05/2017

Electrical current applied to an electromagnetic coil causes a standard relay to operate a switch to open or close a circuit. Removing the current causes the switch to return to its original position. A latching relay, however, does not return to its original position when removing the current. Depending on the type of latching relay, any one of three procedures resets it to the original position. Latching relays have one or two coils to reset them electrically and others have buttons to reset them manually.

Push the reset button to reset a mechanical latching relay. Many times such buttons are clearly marked.

Reverse the current through the coil of a single-coil latching relay. This must be done in the control circuit in the appliance containing the relay. A latching relay in an electronic device or appliance may not have noticeable reset operation, as the internal circuits may dictate when the relay actually operates and resets. To reset a function on your device or appliance, consult your owner's manual.

Apply electrical current to the second coil of a two-coil latching relay. In this case, application of current to the first coil operates the relay, and application of electricity to the second coil resets the relay.

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