How to Add a Page Border in Word 2007

Updated July 20, 2017

Jazz up the appearance of a document by adding a fun or professional border to the page. Drab plain text may disinterest the viewer, whereas a border may draw his attention. It takes only a few quick steps using Microsoft Word 2007 to add a border.

Start Microsoft Word and open a blank or existing document. Look for the "Page Background" group on the "Page Layout" tab and click "Page Borders."

In the dialogue box labelled "Borders and Shading," click the "Page Border" tab.

Choose a border type under the heading labelled "Setting."

You can customise the style, colour and width of the border in the centre section or add a design by clicking "Art."

Click "OK" to apply the border to the entire document.


If you want a border to surround only part of a document, you may customise the "Apply to" settings on the "Border" tab of the "Borders and Shading" dialogue box.

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