How to Set a Message on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

Several Panasonic telephones come with a built-in answering machines. You can leave the telephone as is and let your callers hear a message pre-recorded on the device by Panasonic, or you can personalise your phone with your own greeting.

Press "Getting Rec" on the base unit.

Press "Getting Rec" again within 10 seconds after you hear the pre-recorded message, "To record greeting, press record again."

Lean in so you are within eight inches of the microphone on the unit, and wait for the long beep.

Record a personal greeting lasting up to two minutes after you hear the beep.

Press "Rec Greeting" or "Stop" after you have finished recording your greeting.

Record your greeting again if the base unit displays an "E" and beeps six times in a row.

Press "Greeting Check" to hear the greeting you recorded.


You can record a personal greeting up to two minutes in length, but the length of your recorded greeting takes away from the overall time you have open for new messages. To get more time for recorded messages, shorten your personal greeting. To erase a greeting you've recorded, press "Greeting Check," then press "Erase."

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