How to connect a cell to a VW touareg

Updated March 23, 2017

The Touareg is a mid-size SUV produced by the German Volkswagen (VW) group as an off-road vehicle that handles like a sports car. It has been on sale since 2002. Stricter traffic laws in some places are making it illegal for drivers to be holding their cell phones while operating a vehicle. VW Touareg drivers can connect their cell phones to the Touareg sound system, enabling them to use their phones hands-free.

Purchase an FM transmitter. FM transmitters can be bought at many electronics, cell phone or car audio retailers as well as at online stores. Check that the transmitter is compatible with your phone before you buy it.

Connect the 1/8-inch stereo cable from the FM transmitter to the cell phone. Many cell phones, such as the iPhone, have transmitters that plug into the charge port of the device.

Turn on the Touareg stereo. Find an unused station by scrolling through the FM waves. This will avoid outside interference. Turn on the FM transmitter and cell phone. Tune the FM transmitter to the matching station, following the transmitter instructions. Test the connection by making a call on your phone.

Purchase a car telephone kit and a telephone wire kit for your Touareg. These are available from many online or cell phone retailers. Remove the radio from its housing by locking four radio removal tools in the slots around the radio and gently pulling on them to remove the radio. Remove the radio removal tools by pressing on the four brass tabs behind the tool slots.

Squeeze the black tab on the bottom of the black plug on the rear of the radio. Pull the plug out. Ensure that you have the radio code for your car stereo before you do this as it might be required to open the radio again. Remove the purple pin in the top of the plug. Insert the "Mute" wire of the telephone wire kit in the third hole down on the right side of the plug. Replace the purple pin in the top.

Pull the green plug out of the back of the black plug. Lift the little tab on the green plug body to remove a smaller black plug. Insert the two audio wires from the telephone kit into the slots on the end of the small black plug and slide it back into the green plug. Push the green plug back into the larger black plug and replace the black plug in the radio.

Replace the car stereo in the housing. Connect the other end of the audio wire into the car telephone kit and the "Mute" wire to the "Mute" function on the car telephone kit. An indication that a phone is connected should now show up on the screen of the car stereo.

Turn on the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone. Navigate to the options menu on the device. Select the Bluetooth function to "Discoverable." Turn on the Touareg ignition to make the car Bluetooth discoverable.

Search for devices on the Bluetooth setting on your cell phone. Select the Touareg Bluetooth device to pair with the cell phone. Enter the code to pair the device with your cellphone. This is normally "0000."

Test the connection. Make a call with your cell phone. The sound signal will come from the left and right front speakers of the Touareg.


The FM transmitter might have poor sound quality depending on the amount of FM radio stations present where you are using it.


The Bluetooth function is functioning only on later models of the Touareg and reportedly works only with some phones.

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