How to Program a Clifford Car Alarm System

Updated April 17, 2017

A Clifford car alarm system can be installed any time after you purchase a vehicle in order to keep your car, truck or SUV safe while it is not in use. A Clifford system is designed to prevent break-ins and theft by sounding a loud noise and flashing the lights if the doors are opened or the windows are broken. By using the wireless transmitter, you can program the alarm every time you leave the vehicle to keep it safe while you are away.

Press the "Lock" button on your wireless remote for one second to activate the car alarm system. When the system is armed, you will hear a brief chirp, the lights on the vehicle will flash on and off and you will hear the power locks activate. The vehicle is now locked, and the alarm will sound if anyone tries to enter or start the ignition.

Push the "Lock" button again within five seconds of programming the alarm to set up the multi-level security feature. This option will set certain areas or "zones" of the car to be armed while others will be turned off. There are seven security zones. Each press of the "Lock" button, after the first time, will engage a different zone. The areas of the vehicle that are linked to each security zone will be set by the technician who installed the system. Ask the technician for this information.

Press the "Unlock" button on the remote to disengage the system at any time. Doing this will cause the car's lights to flash twice, and you will hear two chirps as well as the power doors unlocking. Disengaging the system will also reset the multi-level security zones.

Select either the "Lock" or "Unlock" buttons, if the alarm has been going off for more than six seconds, to reset the previous programming. This will allow you to stop the alarm from going off from a distance without having to arm it again. Pressing the "Unlock" button, after a reset, will turn the alarm system off.

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