How to Wire Up Active Speakers

Updated February 21, 2017

Active speakers are speakers which are equipped with an amplifier. These speakers are also known as powered speakers. These speakers are commonly used with portable CD players and computers. Active speakers reduce the amount of space needed for equipment since the amplifier is built inside the speaker enclosure. Wiring active speakers is almost the same as wiring passive speakers except for the addition of the power cord.

Connect one end of the RCA cable to the left RCA jack on the active speaker. Connect the other end of the RCA cable to the equipment's left audio output.

Connect a second RCA cable to the right RCA jack on the active speaker. Connect the other end of the RCA cable to the equipment's right audio output.

Connect the power cable to the active speaker and plug it into the wall outlet. Turn the active speaker on and test the sound quality. If the sound is choppy or distorted, try reducing the sound level at the main equipment, which may be a radio, CD player or computer.


Read the installation instructions for the active speaker. Pay close attention to what type of input signal and voltage the amplifier needs. Whatever device the active speaker is connected to must be adjusted so that the input signal sent to the active speaker falls within the operating range specified by the installation instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Active speaker power cord
  • RCA jacks ( if the speaker has RCA plugs)
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