How to Update Windows CE on Any GPS

Written by charles poole | 13/05/2017
How to Update Windows CE on Any GPS
Use your USB data cable to install updates on your GPS. (usb 2 image by Bosko Martinovic from

The Windows CE operating system is designed for mobile devices such as PDAs, cell phones and some GPS systems. When you need to update the Windows CE operating system on your GPS, you can easily get the most updated versions of the OS by using the Windows Update centre on your Windows 7 or Vista computer. Your Windows Update centre will automatically install all of the latest updates to your GPS without the need of contacting the manufacturer.

Connect your GPS to your computer through the USB data cable that came with your GPS.

Click on "Start" and then go to the search bar just above the "Start" button. Type "Windows Update" into the bar and press the "Enter" button.

Double click on the Windows Update icon to launch the software. Click "Check for updates" and wait for the system to locate the newest updates for your GPS.

Click on the "Windows CE Update" that appears on your screen and click the "Install Updates" button.

Wait for the updates to install onto your GPS.

Things you need

  • GPS USB data cable

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