How to Put Pinyin in Powerpoint

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft does not have a built-in software system for typing Pinyin, the romanised version of Chinese writing. In order to type Pinyin in PowerPoint, you will need to use a piece of third-party software. Some are available for download and others are available online. Downloaded programs can be used directly with PowerPoint whereas online websites will create text that you will need to copy into PowerPoint.

Download and install a Pinyin input program, such as NJStar Communicator, Pinyin Builder or Wenlin (see Resources).

Open PowerPoint.

Turn on the downloaded input program.

Type Pinyin using the number of the tone, such as, "ni3 hao3."

Go to a website that allows you to enter Pinyin, such as Pinyin, California State's Type Pinyin with Tone Markers site or the Fool's Workshop's Pinyin to Unicode site (see References).

Type Pinyin using the number of the tone, such as, "ni3 hao3."

Open PowerPoint.

Copy the text from the website and paste it into PowerPoint.

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