How to gift wrap a cake

Updated July 20, 2017

A cake makes a sweet housewarming party present or hostess gift. Once you have baked and decorated the delicious treat, you will want the wrapping to look just as special. Plan your wrapping method ahead of time to avoid damaging the cake. If you are travelling with the cake, choose a wrapping method that will protect it in transit. With the right plan of action, your cake will arrive beautifully and safely at its destination.

Bake the cake in a round pan of any size.

Transfer the cake to a corrugated cardboard cake circle. Purchase a cake circle at a bakery or anywhere that sells baking accessories.

Decorate your cake with stiff icing or fondant. Use the cake circle to turn your cake for easy decorating.

Purchase a cake box from store or local bakery. Choose a size the round cardboard fits snugly into, so that the cake does not shift while travelling.

Move the cake with its cake circle to the box. Use both hands to hold the cake on opposite sides and gently drop the cake into the box.

Close the box completely. Make sure all tabs on the cake box are used, so that the cake is secure in the box.

Take a liberal length of ribbon and lay the centre of the ribbon over the top of the box. Wrap under the box and twist to wrap back up on the other two sides. Tie into a knot on top. Leave loose ends alone for now.

Fold a second long piece of the same ribbon into 5 or more layers. This will create loops on both sides of your fold. Leave 6 to 12 inches of ribbon loose on both ends.

Tie a small piece of ribbon into a knot in the centre of your folded ribbon. With this small piece of ribbon, tie bow onto the ribbon on the box.

Fan out the loops of the folded ribbon to create a bow. Cut the loose ends of the ribbon to your desired length.


Wired edged ribbon makes for a dramatic and more sophisticated look to bows.


Wait until the cake is completely cool before transferring from pan; otherwise the cake will easily break apart in transit.

Things You'll Need

  • Cake box
  • Round cardboard
  • Wide ribbon
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