How to Unlock a Panasonic SC-PT560 DVD

Updated February 21, 2017

The Panasonic SC-PT560 DVD Home Theater Sound System can "lock" a DVD before or during playback for various reasons. The disc may have features that the player doesn't support or the disc region code may not match the region that the player is manufactured to support. Typically, a DVD will lock within the player as a result of the ratings level lock protection feature that prevents children from viewing DVDs with ratings exceeding a set rating limit. This is the player's only truly Panasonic-approved DVD unlockable feature.

Turn on your Panasonic SC-PT560 DVD player.

Press the "OPEN/CLOSE" button on the front of the unit to open the disc tray. Insert a DVD.

Follow the instructions that display on your TV screen when you insert the disc, as the on-screen instructions vary by disc manufacturer. Depending on the disc, you may be required simply to enter the lock password, or you may have to enter the password and then set the lock level higher than the current setting. Play the disc when finished.


If the player appears to have a "locked" disc tray or control panel buttons, you've inserted a non-playable disc or the player is malfunctioning. Unplug the player, wait five minutes and then plug it back in. Try the buttons again or eject the disc.


The Panasonic SC-PT560 isn't a recode-able, multi-region player. When you try to play discs with region codes that don't match the code shown on the back of the player, the player typically shows "NO PLAY" or "THIS DISC MAY NOT BE PLAYED IN YOUR REGION" on the screen. Don't try to reprogram the player to play the disc, as you may damage the player and void any warranty coverage. Eject the disc and play one with a matching region code.

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