How to Plan a 40th Birthday Party Cheap

Written by melinda gaines | 13/05/2017
How to Plan a 40th Birthday Party Cheap
You can throw a 40th birthday party inexpensively. (jubiläum 40 image by michanolimit from

Though turning 40 is a milestone, not everyone has the means to throw a huge birthday bash to celebrate the occasion. If you're throwing a 40th birthday party on a budget, you can still have a memorable, fun affair without spending tons of money. By being resourceful and paying attention to a few details, no one will know the party was planned on the cheap.

Send e-mail invitations instead of purchasing and mailing paper ones. If the guest of honour and several of their friends uses the same social network, such as Facebook, create an event page and invite them through there.

Skip having a theme to the party, and just make sure the party space is attractive and clean to save money. If you must have a theme, choose one that can be executed without a ton of money, such as Vegas casino night or all-white party.

Make as much of the party food as possible -- even deli trays from the supermarket cost significantly more than making them yourself. Inexpensive foods to serve include crudites, chips and salsa, sandwich wraps, stuffed tomatoes, grilled chicken skewers and miniature burritos.

Limit the amount of alcohol you serve. Alcohol costs much more money than other drink alternatives. Stick to serving a glass of inexpensive, but tasty, wine or champagne to toast the guest of honour, and serve sodas, tea, punch or lemonade for the rest of the party.

Plan entertainment that uses little or no supplies. You can have guests sing karaoke, hold a dance contest, play charades or play with a pool table, cards or board games you already have. When playing karaoke or charades, use phases and songs from the guest of honor's year or decade of birth.

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