How to Read a Suzuki ATV VIN Number

Updated February 21, 2017

Suzuki ATVs made after 1981 were required to have a vehicle identification number (VIN), per the regulations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As of 2010, the VIN on Suzuki ATVs is on a metal plate on the left-rear underside of the frame. The plate also indicates who manufactured the ATV and when, and includes the make and model of the ATV. The ATV owner's manual will list the specific location of the VIN on your ATV. By reading the VIN, you will gain an understanding of what the numbers and letters represent.

Locate the VIN number on the Suzuki ATV. It must be a 17-digit code with both numbers and letters (excluding I, O and Q).

Write down the VIN. The first letter indicates the country where the vehicle was made. The United States is represented by the numbers 1 and 4, but Japan and Korea are represented by the first letter of the name of their country.

Note the second letter. This indicates who manufactured the ATV. Suzuki will often, but not always, be represented with the letter S.

Find the third digit in the VIN. This represents the type of vehicle or division of the manufacturer. This is consistent from year to year, and you'll need to contact Suzuki for more information.

Underline the next five digits. This series of letters and numbers represents the make and model of the vehicle to the manufacturer, but is not the same as the make and model numbers. The first letter in the series represents the vehicle category, followed by piston displacement, engine type, design sequence and model variation. The manufacturer decides this code.

Circle the ninth digit. This is a security digit that only the manufacturer knows to ensure that the VIN is not invented or fictitious.

Pinpoint the tenth digit. This represents what year the ATV was manufactured.

Read the remaining digits. These indicate the position of the ATV on the assembly line.

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