How to Donate a Printer to Charity

Updated February 21, 2017

Most printers have a shelf life of only a few years before an upgrade is necessary. Every few years, a new technology emerges in the printer market, rendering older models nearly obsolete. For example, Bluetooth printers can print without needing to connect to a computer with wires. If you have a new printer, you can donate your old one to a charity organisation. Donating a printer to a school or to someone in need is better for the environment and for society.

Go to the Goodwill website. This non-profit organisation accepts all household goods and electronics for resale purposes.

Type in your Postcode to find the Goodwill nearest to your home.

Go to the Goodwill location and give them your old printer.

Visit the National Cristina Foundation website. This group distributes donated electronics to organisations that help people with disabilities, students and people living in poverty.

Click on "I agree to these terms and conditions."

Fill out the Donor Submission Form and submit it online.

Ship the item to:

National Cristina Foundation Inc.

500 West Putnam Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06830-6086

Go to the StRUT website. This organisation gives old electronics to students who will refurbish them and then give them to schools in need of equipment.

Call StRUT at 510-979-7479 to let them know what you would like to donate and see if they can accept it.

Mail your printer to the address given to you.


Check with charitable groups near your house; they may be able to accept your used printer without the expense of mailing it.

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