How to Connect a Floppy Drive to a Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Floppy drives may be the storage medium of computer days gone by, but if you want to extract the data on old 3.5-inch floppies, you need some way to get the information off the disc and into your computer. The easiest, least invasive way to hook up a floppy drive to a modern laptop is by connecting the storage device with a USB cable. This is a quick and portable connection so you can use the floppy drive as needed, then detach it from the laptop.

Connect the USB cable from the port on the external floppy drive to any port on your laptop.

Plug in the power cord for the floppy and wait a moment for the laptop to flash a "New Hardware Detected" message on your screen.

Insert a floppy disc into the connected drive with the metal circle in the centre of the drive facing down. Push in the disc until the eject button on the drive pops out.

Click the "Computer" option on your laptop to access the floppy drive. This option is accessible by clicking the "Start" button on the laptop and double-clicking "Computer" from the list that appears. Look under the category "Devices with Removable Storage" to locate the floppy drive, which will be designated by a letter such as (F:).

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable and compatible floppy drive.
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