The Green AV1 Won't Go Away on My Panasonic Viera

Written by eoghan mccloskey | 13/05/2017
The Green AV1 Won't Go Away on My Panasonic Viera
Removing display text from a Panasonic Viera screen only requires a few simple steps. (black lcd silver image by Nicemonkey from

Modern HDTVs such as the Panasonic Viera allow you to display information about the channel and program you're watching. Sometimes, a channel or video input displays information that you can't remove, such as the "AV 1" when the TV is set on the AV 1 input. The Viera provides several options for taking this text off the screen.

Press the display button on the Panasonic Viera's remote. This button is located directly underneath the "7" on the number keypad, and is indicated by a "+" inside of an oval shape. Press this button, several times if necessary, until the "AV 1" text is no longer displayed on the screen.

Reset the TV by powering it off and unplugging the power cable from the electrical socket or surge protector. Leave the power cable unplugged for 30 seconds, plug it back in, and power the TV on. When switching to the AV 1 input, the text "AV 1" should display for a few seconds and then disappear.

Purchase a universal remote and use it with your Panasonic Viera. You can use the remote to control the display functions on your Viera. Make sure to purchase one that has a "display" or "recall" button; this will be the button you use to remove the "AV 1" text from the screen.

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