Sony TV Remote Control Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony is one of the largest and most respected electronics companies in the world. It was originally founded as "Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Corporation" in 1946 before changing its name officially to Sony in 1958. The power megaphone was one of the company's first successful products, but Sony has since expanded to the manufacturing of many electronic devices, including televisions. Sony TVs are intended to be as easy to use as possible and most can be programmed by remote. Using a Sony remote control is usually a simple process.

Insert the batteries into the back of the remote and snap the back plate shut. If the remote is not working, Sony recommends taking the batteries out and pressing every button twice. Reinsert or switch the batteries. This resets the remote and makes sure no buttons are stuck, which could impede operation.

Press any button aside from "Commander Off" to turn on the remote for operation.

Press the "Power" button to turn on the TV. The "Volume" buttons will turn the sound up and down, while the "Channel" buttons will scroll and up and down through your various TV stations. Many current Sony remotes will have a touchscreen at the top that is used for additional functions. Sony recommends never touching the touch screen with a sharp object like a stylus or a pen, as this will likely damage it.

Press the "Component" button to scroll through various devices if you are using the remote as a universal controller that is controlling other devices in addition to the TV.

Press the "Menu" button to access your display options so you can program display preferences. The specific process will vary depending on the TV model, but the arrow buttons will scroll through menu options and the "OK" button will select a particular menu option for adjustment.

Program your remote if you are using non-Sony products, since the remote is preprogrammed to respond automatically to other Sony devices. Press the "Commander Off" button and "Mute" at the same time. Press the "Component Select" button for the appropriate device you want the Sony remote to control. Enter the four-digit component code for the device you wish to control. The code depends on the make of the other device and should be located either in the owners manual for the TV or online at the manufacturer's website. Press "Commander Off" when finished and the remote should now be compatible with the other device.

Press "Commander Off" to turn off the remote or just wait a few minutes and it will shut off by itself.

Things You'll Need

  • Double-A batteries
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