How to Adjust Koni Adjustable Shocks

Updated April 17, 2017

Koni adjustable shocks allow you to fine-tune your car's shocks to your exact specifications. Whether you desire a firmer, sportier adjustment for performance or a softer adjustment for a smoother ride on your daily commute, Koni shocks can be adjusted to meet your needs. Inspired by Formula 1 race cars, which have used Koni adjustable shocks for years, Koni started to market their adjustable shocks to the average consumer as an upgrade to traditional hard springs.

Open the hood.

Fit the adjustment knob onto the top of the dampers. You can locate the dampers by looking for the cylinder directly over the wheel well that contains your shocks. The damper is a small pin that protrudes from a larger nut that holds your shocks in place.

Turn the knob counterclockwise for a smoother ride, or clockwise for a firmer ride. Remember how many clicks you hear when turning, as it's important to adjust both sides equally.

Adjust the opposite side. Turn the knob the same amount of clicks on each side.

Close the hood.

Remove the shocks from your car, or remove them from the packaging they came in.

Pull the plastic dust cover off the end.

Depress the adjusting knob fully. The adjusting knob is the only knob of any kind on the shock.

Turn the rod clockwise to increase, or counterclockwise to decrease, the firmness, or rebound-damping, of the shock. The 26 series allows you to turn two clicks, while the 30 series allows three clicks. Remember how many clicks you turned so that you can adjust both shocks evenly.

Release the adjusting knob and make sure it springs back into position. If it doesn't, push it in again and release.

Repeat the steps for the other shock.

Remove the shocks from your car, or remove them from the packaging they came in.

Compress the shock absorber fully by pushing both ends together. Turn the dust cap slowly counterclockwise until you feel the cams engage.

Keep the shock absorber compressed as you make one full 360-degree turn clockwise for a firmer ride, or counterclockwise for a softer ride.

Extend the shock absorber by pulling both ends apart approximately 1cm without turning to disengage the adjusting mechanism.


Find the series of your Koni shock on the packaging, or look on the shock itself. The series number is etched on the shock.

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