How to un-write protect a memory stick

Updated April 17, 2017

Sony's Memory Stick storage technology offers compact storage for a variety of devices, such as digital cameras, computers with a Memory Stick port, and the company's PSP gaming system. Some Memory Stick storage units, such as the Memory Stick PRO Duo, can be write-protected, preventing data on the unit from being removed or added to. This can cause operating problems on some devices, so it may be necessary to turn off the write protection.

Turn off the device that uses your Memory Stick and remove the storage unit. This is necessary even if you can reach the write protection switch while the unit is connected to the device.

Turn the Memory Stick unit so the back of the unit is facing you. Switch the small plastic slider on the top edge of the unit to "Off." Push the plastic slider until it clicks into place.

Replace the Memory Stick unit into the device in which you use it. Turn the device on to read and write to your Memory Stick.


These instructions refer to the most widely used versions of the Memory Stick: the Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo and PRO-HG Duo models. The earlier, discontinued Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO have the write protection switch on the bottom of the stick near the front edge. The Memory Stick Micro does not have a write-protect switch.

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