How to Make a Bootable Disk in Nero 9

Updated March 20, 2018

You can create a bootable disk that you can use to boot your computer using a CD or DVD. Bootable disks can contain an entire operating system or a special utility program to check your computer. Nero Burning ROM 9 lets you make bootable disks using files on your computer or from a CD or DVD image. You can also use Nero to customise bootable disks.

Open Nero Burning ROM 9 and click "New" on the main program screen. Select "CD-ROM (Boot)" or "DVD-ROM (Boot)" from the combo box on the "New Compilation" window.

Locate the template data for your bootable disc. If you wish to use data from a logical drive, choose the "Bootable logical drive" option that is located in the "Source of boot image" area. If you already have an image file to use, choose the "Image file" option in the "Source of boot image data" section and browse for the image file. Choose the desired language used to boot the system and select the "Enable expert features" check box. Choose the emulation type from the "Emulation type" drop-down menu.

Click "New" and select the files and folders that you wish to add to your disk. Click "Burn" when finished.

Select the recorder you wish to use in the "Choose Recorder" window and insert a blank disk. Click "Burn" again to burn your bootable disk.

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